so how’s it going . it is pure rocks here . we’re back for another YouTube video.I’m really sorry for not uploading for the past week as you know. i was on holidays . yeah.now I’m back in my setup . I’m ready to make more videos for you . view it.before the videos starts um. i would like to give like Doc’s stone . like van glory . deprecated WP gaming for all the credits for this video because they have actually briefly touched on it . I’m just improvising on their ideas.yeah.as you can see from my screen I’ve actually I’m actually doing the.called method or the algorithm as people call it out on my six silver chest . currently doing it at home.you . might ask what is this algorithm or method . I’ve never heard of it.I’m actually going to explain to explain it to you . now.at first. i was like. i feel for people I’m like mmm is this really true or is it just a scam some hack so. i actually did some research .. i actually asked my friends . a lot of people online have been actually saying that . this matter is.useful . I’m actually getting like all princess sparkies lava hounds from this reaches..this method has been approved by many people . not only that after I’ve also used my friends device . I’ve actually tried this. i said they don’t want to rescale my account . guess what. i got. i love a home that’s just justice that’s just insane . yeah.before the update you could actually only get the ice wizard but now you can get any legendaries as I’ve said before . yeah.now I’m going to explain to you . um what this algorithm is . .. after that I’m going to explain to explain to you what to watch out . what to guarantee to get that legendary card . as because the magical chess has to be using the right circumstances .